Ultra Street Fighter IV review for PS4

Platform: PS4
Publisher: SCEA
Developer: Capcom/Other Ocean
Medium: Digital
Players: 1-2
Online: Yes

Ultra Street Fighter IV was first revealed at the PlayStation Experience back in February and has been anticipated by fans and PS4 owners ever since. For those who do not own the Ultra Edition on PS3 or any other version that can be upgraded, then you should definitely check out this latest “remastered” release. Everything from the previous version has been included with this digital only offering with a few added perks.

First, you get every single costume pack that has been previously released, so you can finally see Ryu wear a wolf costume while he pummels Chun-Li wearing a dragon-like chicken outfit! The next big inclusion is Omega Mode, if you missed this mode before; it?s basically Street Fighter IV on acid with new moves and crazy new combos for each character. This mode is great fun because of the insane matches you can have with a friend or online. Air fireballs and wild hurricane kicks fill the screen as you try to discover new and interesting ways to beat your opponent. All other modes, such as the Story and Training modes are present from the previous releases and contain all of the charm they’ve always had, so this is what you can call the Definitive USF4 package.


The big (and hugely welcome) addition to this version of USF4 is the ability to use your PS3 Fightsticks and pads you already own. Capcom was smart enough to include Lab Zero’s drivers so that the PS4 will recognize your licensed sticks for maximum control. Speaking of control, one major problem with the previous versions of SF4 was minor input lag with wireless controllers and even with some wired sticks. Capcom has completely eliminated all lag no matter what controller you prefer, so the in the world of Pad vs. Stick, the play field has been made a bit more even.

The PS4 edition is just as bright and brilliant in the audio and visual departments as it always has been. With constant 60fps and 1080p resolution, and its fantastic soundtrack, it looks and sounds absolutely amazing. Previous versions may have had a stutter in the animations here and there (especially when the action got intense), but thanks to the power of the PS4, any hiccup you might have seen is no longer present.


Overall, this is definitely a welcome addition to the PS4 library.  Street Fighter V is still a ways off from release, so if you need some excellent Street Fighter action on your PS4 right now, then I can highly recommend downloading this. For owners of the previous versions, there isn’t much here you cannot experience with the version you own, which is why I have to lower the score a bit. Omega Mode and all of the costumes are available for download, so your only incentive is the slight increase in visual presentation. You still may want to check this version out though if you have the means as it truly is the definitive version. If you haven’t yet tried Ultra Street Fighter IV and you have a PS4, then by all means pick this up as soon as possible. The download will only run you $24.99 so it?s a bargain with everything that’s included.

Grade: B+