PSA: Diablo III’s Season 2 starts today

diablo 3 reaper of souls logoJust a friendly reminder for all Diablo III PC players, Season 2 starts today at 6pm PST for North America, 6 PM CET for Europe, and 6 pm KST for Asia. Like the previous season, expect new achievements, conquests, legendaries, and transmog options as rewards for progression. Want more detailed information on what to expect? Check out Blizzard’s own First Look page, along with this Reddit post that contains a list with links to all the new/revamped Legendary items for this season.

Personally, I’m a little bummed by the revamped items like Gungdo Gear being used as part of the Seasonal set, considering revamped items have generally been done before free of season restrictions, but I’m definitely looking forward to a new season. Season 1 dragged on a little too long, so having a new excuse to jump back into Diablo III is certainly welcomed.

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