Bungie’s legendary Destiny holiday gift to be delivered this week

Christmas_Cryptarch_articleOkay fellow Destiny players, Bungie is ready to make good on their promise of a “legendary” holiday gift for all the Guardians out there.

From what we can decipher from their Twitter, the item will be an actual legendary piece of equipment (not an engram), and that it’ll be delivered via the Tower Postmaster sometime later this week.

Will it be a new sparrow, a shader, a mark or an actual weapon or piece of armor? We’ll have to wait and see. The comment regarding it not being a B(G)jallarhorn, though potentially being “swiftly dismantled” points us to it being in the Legendary armor/weapon category, so fingers crossed. Hopefully Master Rahool, everyone’s favorite Destiny Cryptarch, has no say in whatever gets delivered.

Read on for the latest tweets from Bungie regarding the gift.

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