Skylanders Trap Team – Light and Dark Element Expansion Packs launching soon

Skylanders-Trap-Team-LogoAs if there weren’t enough Skylanders figures and accessories to buy… Activision today has announced that they are gearing up to release Skylanders Trap Team – Light and Dark Element Expansion Packs next week.

The Light and Dark expansions, which will retail for $29.99 each and be available at  Toys”R”Us first on December 21st, will include a brand new Trap Master (Knight Mare or Knight Light), a new Trap used to capture Light or Dark villains, and a “location piece” which unlocks new Trap Team levels, villains and environments .

Take a look at some product shots and screens for both of the packs below.

Skylanders Trap Team – Light Element Expansion Pack:

Skylanders Trap Team – Dark Element Expansion Pack:

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For the first time since the launch of the Skylanders franchise, two entirely new elements – Light and Dark – will be unleashed in the world of Skylands, announced Activision Publishing, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, Inc. Two new Trap Masters, Knight Mare and Knight Light, will hit store shelves nationwide this holiday season via special Light and Dark Element Expansion Packs, ushering in new adventures in the lore of Skylanders Trap Team. Each Element Expansion Pack contains a Trap Master, a special Trap capable of capturing either Light or Dark villains, as well as a location piece that unlocks a special level in the game. The Light and Dark Element Expansion Packs will be available at all major retailers nationwide for a suggested retail price of $29.99. Lucky Skylanders fans will be able to get their hands on copies of the Light Element Expansion Pack, which will be available first at Toys”R”Us stores nationwide starting Sunday, December 21.

Portal Masters will have the opportunity to explore new levels within the Skylanders Trap Team universe, where they will find never-before-seen villains to capture and environments to explore. Amongst these villains are Luminous and Nightshade, who belong to the Doom Raiders – the elite members of Kaos’ army of Skylands’ most notorious bad guys.

“It’s amazing to see how deeply engrossed and fascinated our fans have been with the lore of the Skylanders franchise,” said John Coyne, vice president of Consumer Marketing at Activision Publishing, Inc. “By unveiling new Light and Dark elements and heroes to the Skylanders universe, our fans around the world will have new ways of exploring all the magic, excitement and fun of Skylands.”

The introduction of Light and Dark elements reveals additional backstory of the Skylanders universe for fans to explore. Long ago, Knight Light and Knight Mare were both protectors of Skylands until being sealed off in other realms. Now that they have joined the Trap Masters, Knight Light wields his Traptanium Blade and Knight Mare unleashes her deadly Traptanium Lance to bring down evil everywhere!

Skylanders Trap Team is playable with more than 175 unique toys from all previous games – Skylanders SWAP Force, Skylanders Giants and Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure. Every character is able to defeat and trap villains using Traptanium Traps, providing fans more ways to enjoy their collections. The game is available on the following platforms: Nintendo’s Wii system and Nintendo’s Wii U system; Xbox One and Xbox 360 games and entertainment systems from Microsoft; and PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 computer entertainment systems from Sony. A different adventure is also available on the Nintendo 3DS hand-held system. Additionally, the complete Skylanders Trap Team experience is available on Kindle Fire and Android tablets, as well as a variety of iPads, including iPad (3rd Generation), iPad (4th Generation), iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini, iPad mini 2 and iPad mini 3.

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