Exo Zombies to invade Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in early 2015

call-of-duty-advanced-warfare logoPffttt… normal everyday undead zombies are so 2013.  The new hotness, at least in the world of Call of Duty, is exo zombies!

Zombies with exoskeletons is exactly what Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare players will be up against when the first chapter of the new co-op Exo Zombie mode rolls out in the Havoc DLC pack in early 2015. The concept of course sounds both ridiculous and fun as hell, so we’re sure fans will be eager to check it out when it launches.

For a sneak preview of what to expect from the new mode, take a look at the new trailer below.

Official Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Exo Zombies Trailer:
[youtube_sc url=”xGVxcwdqqAg”]

Head on over to the Sledgehammer blog for more info too.