Far Cry 4 videos take us to the lowlands of Kyrat, peaks of Mount Everest

far cry 4 logoUbisoft really loves releasing multi-part video series for their upcoming games. So with Far Cry 4 launching in the near future (November 18th), they’ve kicked off a new “Welcome to Kyrat” series which focuses on the game’s detailed world.

We also have the first part in the “Quest For Everest Video Diary” which documents the travels of the Far Cry 4 contest winner as he prepares to hike up Mount Everest.

Check out both of the videos below.

Far Cry 4 Trailer: Welcome to Kyrat ? Part 1: Lowlands
[youtube_sc url=”TrK47RM_bk0″]

An introduction to the Lowlands of Kyrat.  This video focuses on the large variety of flora, fauna, vehicles, weapons and characters that you?ll find in this specific region of Kyrat.  From demon fish and honey badgers, to hovercrafts and buzzers, there?s always something in the lowlands of Kyrat that will keep you moving.

Far Cry 4 Trailer: Quest For Everest Video Diary
[youtube_sc url=”cF_P-LLRVD0″]

Back in July Ubisoft announced a contest to send one lucky winner to Mt. Everest. Follow along as contest winner Will Cruz embarks on his quest up Mount Everest to break the world record for playing a game at the highest altitude ever.