Minis join the Skylanders Trap Team fight

Skylanders-Trap-Team-LogoSkylanders is a huge franchise for Activision these days, so it’s not really a surprise that they have a million and one unique ideas for every new iteration of the series.

For example, at Gamescom, Activision revealed the latest line of figures and characters… Skylanders Minis, which are compatible with the upcoming Skylanders Trap Team. The super-cute, big eyed characters are apparently just as powerful as their larger counterparts, but in a smaller package. There are 16 Minis on the way including Spry, Mini Jini, Drobit, Trigger Snappy and Hijinx — check out some of the product shots and screens below.

Also confirmed was Skylanders Trap Team for iOS and Android tablets, which was confirmed as the “full game experience”. The tablet version will be available as a starter pack which includes a Bluetooth controller and a portal.

Skylanders Trap Team will hit on October 5th for the PS4, Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U, 3DS, iOS and Android tablets.

Skylanders Minis screens/product shots:

Skylanders Trap Team screens:
Skylanders Mini – Spry trailer:[youtube_sc url=”Me6AZLwlvbI”]

Read on for all the bite-sized details.

Developed by Toys for Bob, creators of the Toys-to-Life phenomenon, Skylanders Trap Team reverses the magic of its signature play pattern — letting kids take villains out of the digital world and transport them into the physical world, where they are captured in magical Traps — bringing both Toys-to-Life and life to toys. Fans can then play as both heroes and villains who join the forces of good in an all-new adventure.

Fans attending Gamescom will get a special Skylanders treat — the first hands-on opportunity to play Skylanders Trap Team with a new line of cute, pocket-sized Skylanders characters, called Skylanders Minis. Sixteen of the smallest but surprisingly powerful Skylanders are now joining the fight against Skylands? most nefarious villains. Diminutive in stature but mighty in battle, Skylanders Minis will deliver a full Skylanders wallop as completely playable characters with upgrades and abilities, just like any other Skylanders, including the ability to trap villains.

At Gamescom, visitors in the Gamescom Family Area ((Hall 10.2) — who are ?mini? enough to enter the smallest booth Activision has ever built — will be able to play with the new Minis. Only those that meet the Skylanders Mini booth?s required height restrictions will get the chance to be the first in the world to play with five of the new Minis: Spry, Mini Jini, Drobit, Trigger Snappy and Hijinx. Visitors to the Family area will also have the chance to visit the Skylanders photo booth, where fans can be photographed as if they?ve been ?trapped? in Traptanium, just like the infamous villains in the game.

Ahead of Gamescom, Activision also announced that it is bringing the complete Skylanders Trap Team videogame to tablets at launch, marking the first time a full Skylanders game will be available on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire tablet devicesi day-and-date with the console version. The tablet version of the game delivers the same experience, with console-quality graphicsii and high performance game controls as its console counterpart, delivering yet another significant technological leap to the Skylanders franchise. It is playable with touch controls or a Bluetooth enabled controller that comes with the tablet Starter Pack.

Skylanders Trap Team will be available on October 10 in Europe, October 5 in North America and October 2 in Australia/New Zealand on the following platforms: a variety of iOS, Android and Kindle Fire tablets; Xbox One and Xbox 360 games and entertainment systems from Microsoft; PlayStation 4 system; PlayStation 3 system; Nintendo’s Wii system and Nintendo’s Wii U system. A different, unique adventure also will be available on the Nintendo 3DS hand-held system.