Project Spark Starter Pack for Xbox One, PC lighting up retail in October

project-spark-title-logoProject Spark, the creatively innovative Xbox One and Windows 8.1 title, is headed to retail a bit later this year in the form of a Project Spark Starter Pack.

The $39.99 disc version is scheduled to hit retail on October 7th and will include an assortment of premium paid content and packs including the first episode of the Champions Quest: Void Storm adventure, a Galaxies: First Contact sci-fi pack and more.

When the time comes, those who are already taking part in the open beta will be able to update their digital version and take part in the fun as well.

Take a gander at some new screens and read on for more info.

“Project Spark Starter Pack,” the Xbox One retail version of the game that has put the powers of creation and play in the hands of gamers, will arrive in stores on October 7 in the Americas, October 9 in Asia-Pacific countries and October 10 in Europe.

The retail package will deliver an incredible collection of premium content for $39.99, including the first sci-fi pack “Galaxies: First Contact,” the warrior champion Sir Haakon “Hawk” the Knight, “Champions Quest: Void Storm,” the first episode of an epic campaign adventure, and more. The “Project Spark Starter Pack” will provide immediate access to some of the best paid content, features and add-ons in a single package. All of the content included in the disc version will also be available digitally for Xbox One and Windows 8.1 on launch day.

“Project Spark” has made a name for itself as one of the most unique, innovative games available, and can be downloaded for free on Xbox One and Windows 8.1. Players can then expand their experience by purchasing additional in-game content. The beta has been going strong since December of last year, and with the launch of the “Project Spark Starter Pack” the game will officially move out of beta to full release.

Don’t fret, creators – if you’ve been playing, creating, unlocking and enjoying the existing beta on Windows 8.1 or Xbox One, the game will simply receive an update, so your credits, creations and favorite levels will remain intact. And if you haven’t been playing, what are you waiting for? Go download it today from the Xbox One marketplace or Windows 8 Store!

We have less than three months to go, so get those creative juices flowing!

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