Xbox Games Store Update – Peggle 2 for Xbox 360

xbox_logoRejoice Peggle masters (who don’t own an Xbox One), now you too can get your hands on Peggle 2.

The Xbox 360 version includes 60 levels, 60 trials, 180 objectives, four all-new Peggle Masters and power-ups in addition to the brand-new multiplayer Duel Mode and colorblind option.

Peggle 2 Xbox 360 launch trailer:
[youtube_sc url=”znsSFCMeUs”]
Info and a download link below.

Peggle 2 ($11.99)
Everything is better with Peggle! Catch the fever now on Xbox 360 with Peggle 2, where you?ll master over 120 new levels and trials in the sequel to one of the most engaging puzzle-action games of all time. Unleash amazing magic powers as you learn from Peggle Master Bjorn, and 4 all-new masters like the dark and mysterious Luna, while you shoot balls at colorful, challenging boards of pegs to reach Extreme Fever. But there’s more! Unlocked costumes allow you to dress up the various masters for laughs and for multiplayer fun. And try four-player Peg Party mode or two-player Duel mode, which let you deploy your Peggle skills to the utmost against friends and family.