SingStar PS4, companion app to hit the stage later this year

singstar-ps4To celebrate the franchise’s 10th anniversary, Sony and the SIngStar development team has announced that a new SingStar game is in development for the PS4.

They also revealed that they are working on an iOS and Android SingStar companion app which will do away with the need for microphone. The app will also allow would-be divas to arrange their playlists and whatnot.  We assume there will be a way to use an actual microphone, though details are a bit sparse at the moment.

That’s all we know for now, but make sure to read on or stop by the PS Blog for the announcement.

Over the last decade we’ve really tried to keep making your SingStar experience the very best possible, like launching the SingStore back in 2007 to give you instant access to the best tracks online. And we don’t plan to stop any time soon.

We’re pleased to announce that SingStar will be coming to PS4 later this year! We’ll also be launching a free SingStar app that will transform your smartphone into a microphone. That’s right, no mics required.

The app works with both PS3 and PS4 versions of SingStar and is compatible with smartphones and tablets. The app will also let you create your own personal playlists.

We’re also working hard to optimize the social experience of SingStar by making it even easier to share the best bits of your night on Twitter and Facebook straight from the game. With an improved scoring system you can also build up your XP and get rewarded for game activity, or challenge your friends online and entertain them with your renditions of your favorite songs.