PS4 System Software 1.70 launching on April 30th

It’s official PS4 owners — the next PlayStation 4 system software update now has a date, and it’s April 30th.

SCEJ has confirmed the date in their latest walkthrough video on YouTube, and SCEA and SCEE have also tweeted out a confirmation. Now we’re just waiting for an English language walkthrough of all the features.

PS4 system software update 1.70:
[youtube_sc url=”0k0w0L8zm3s”]

The major updates packed into 1.70 include the ability to save captures to a USB drive, the option to turn off HDCP protection for games, HD gameplay live streaming and archiving for Twitch and Ustream, tweaks to Twitch/Ustream/Sharing interfaces, SHAREfactory video editing, and apparently a few other changes and improvements.

It doesn’t look like the DualShock 4 lightbar dimming will make it in there, or friend online notifications, or mp3 playback. But we’ll see.