Valve shows off latest Steam Controller prototype

steam controller 1

With the a few of the Steam Controller prototypes garnering some mixed impressions, it was pretty obvious that Valve’s hardware was still a work in progress. So today the company shared some product shots of the newest Steam controller design which will be available to check out at the upcoming GDC. Basically, it has a whole bunch of buttons now.

According to Valve “the latest version refines ergonomic aspects of the Controller by adding two diamond-patterned button layouts in the area previously designated for a touch screen display.” The new buttons will work in conjunction with the touch pads already on the controller.

Take a look at the latest prototypes below.

Steam Controller product shots:

There’s also a Steam DevDays video which better explains the evolution of the Steam Controller.
[youtube_sc url=”UfN5WK7OzU8″]