Diablo III Patch 2.0.3 notes

diablo 3 logoServers aren’t quite up yet, but you can download the new patch for Diablo III today. Estimated time for servers to go live still seems to be 2 pm EST. In the meantime, check out the patch notes listed below.

Interesting things to note:

The guaranteed legendary drop for Skeleton King has been moved to Diablo, available for level 60 players defeating Diablo for the first time, or after using the “Reset Quests” option.

New +Max Spirit affix on select items for Monks.

Crafting changes to Legendary and Set Piece items, now requiring two Fiery Brimstone’s instead of one. We might see an AH price increase on that one before it gets pulled down.

One disappointing absence here is no fix for the current state of 2H items. Currently 2-handed items roll 1-handed stats, making them significantly weaker. Hopefully this is something implemented sooner than later.

Diablo III – Patch 2.0.3 v.
The area of effect for the Fire Trenches in the Halls of Agony now better match their animations
There is now a short delay before Fire Trench damage is dealt
Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where Erosion was causing Electrified to proc too frequently

Act Bosses now always drop a rare quality item
The Skeleton King no longer drops a Legendary item after using the “Reset Quests” button for level 60 characters
This bonus has been moved to Diablo for level 60 characters

Active Skills
Bug Fix: Hydras should now properly dissipate when the owner dies or leaves the game
Increased the internal cooldown attack rate to roughly match the player’s attack speed to a maximum of approximately 2 attacks per second.
Magic Weapon
Skill Rune – Deflection
Added an internal cooldown to the proc rate to be roughly once per attack

Level 1-60 crafted Legendary and Set pieces now require 2 Fiery Brimstones to craft
All low level crafted Legendary and Set pieces now require at least 1 Demonic Essence to craft
Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where Legendary crafting recipes were rolling Rare level stats
In addition, a pass was made to ensure all Legendary crafted items are rolling with 6 total affixes

New Affix: +Max Spirit for Monks
This affix rolls on Fist Weapons, Spirit Stones, and Combat Staves

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