Sly Cooper Movie teaser sneaks onto the internet

sly cooper movie logoThe idea of Sly Cooper starring in a full-length motion picture is somewhat unexpected, but hey, it’s definitely happening.

Sony, Blockade Entertainment and Rainmaker Entertainment today released the trailer for the CG-animated Sly Cooper movie, which doesn’t hit until 2016.

As expected, Sly and the gang look a bit… different as compared to their cel-shaded videogame versions. Even with the slightly more “realistic” Sly, they seemed to have nailed the dark, comic book style aesthetics the games are known for.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.

Sly Cooper Movie – Official Teaser trailer:
[youtube_sc url=”oFNJW8AoYSs” width=”600″]

Jump on over to the official site as well.