The Best Games We Played in 2013

goty2013-2Sometimes we’re late about things at Gaming Age. You could say our 2013 GOTY list is a week late, or you could say that our policy is to make a GOTY list for 2014 before anyone else. Since you’ll never know which one it actually is, let’s read the next paragraph.

2013 was definitely a year. If you add up its numbers we get 6, which is spelled with three letters. Coincidence? We think not. So much, in fact, that our games of 2013 may not even be dependent on releasing this year, since at Gaming Age it’s not about when the games arrived, so much as where in our lives we played them.

Calendar releases can suck it, because these are 13 of our favorite games we played in 2013.

Here’s a cheat sheet of what’s where: