Lightning takes on the Chocobo Eater in this new Lightning Returns trailer

Even with Lightning Returns not due to be released until February 11th of next year, Square Enix is still in full hype mode for the game. Our latest look at Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is in the form of another gameplay trailer, which focuses on the Wildlands area and Lightning battling it out with the Chocobo Eater boss. Stay away if you’re avoiding spoilers obviously.

Take a look.

[youtube_sc url=”Vq9dLqljfhE” width=”600″]

SQUARE ENIX today released the LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII gameplay demonstration video featuring “Wildlands,” the lush, open environment in Nova Chrysalia. The video is narrated by Yuji Abe, the game design director who provides helpful hints in clearing the main quest of seeking out a certain chocobo. Also featured in the video are the deep customization system and the epic boss battle with the ?Chocobo Eater.?