The Last of Us multiplayer revealed

The-Last-Of-Us-logoEven though we’re sure that The Last of Us can stand on its own as a single-player experience, Naughty Dog has indeed crafted a multiplayer mode that seems to fit right in with the rest of the game.

The multiplayer Factions mode, like the single player game, is all about tactical survival and teamwork. Players will have to scrounge up supplies and weapons, and craft items to successfully fend off the other group of survivors.

Take a look at some screens from the reveal along with the new trailer to get a better idea on how the multiplayer gameplay will function.

The Last of Us – Multiplayer reveal trailer:
[youtube_sc url=”gO0iNQXujww” width=”600″]

Read on for more details from the Naughty Dog blog or the official PlayStation blog.

The Last of Us will be available next Friday, June 14th. Pre-order it below.

In Factions you?ll have to pick a side and roll with the Hunters or the Fireflies. Each player starts with a small clan of survivors that you need to keep alive and grow. There are two modes in which you can accomplish the growth and survival of your Clan. In Supply Raid, you?ll have to scavenge the area and keep your team alive. Your team has a pool of twenty reinforcements. Once the reinforcements have been exhausted, the match will go to sudden death. In Survivors, you?re going to have to be extremely vigilant. There are no respawns. Once you?re gone you?ve been eliminated until the next round. It?s a best of seven rounds in which the first team to win four rounds wins the match.

The core gameplay is very tactical, featuring the same crafting system found in Single Player. Stealthy players can do well by using Listen Mode to locate enemies and flank them with silenced weapons. Teamwork is essential – fallen teammates can crawl to their allies and be revived, so players who stick together will excel. Melee combat is a brutal affair, and after downing a player you have the choice of performing an execution move. There are many more layers to explore, from the robust loadout system to the in-game economy.