Pikmin 3 still looks awesome in this new E3 trailer [UPDATE: Screens]

pikmin-3_logoIt’s hard to believe that Pikmin 3 is right around the corner, especially after all the teasing about its release back with the original Wii. And seeing the game revealed for Wii U, and then pushed back from the initial launch window plan was an agonizing blow for Pikmin fans, but it certainly looks like full-steam ahead for Pikmin 3 from here on out.

This new trailer debuting today from E3 shows off a lot of impressive in-game footage, along with a quick glimpse at the multiplayer mechanic that I’m really excited to check out. Thankfully it won’t be long until that’s possible, with an upcoming release date of August 4th.

Check out Olimar and all his wonderful Pikmin in the new trailer below.

UPDATE: New screens.

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/rIIPkyWaiu0″]