Get a glimpse at the PS4 User Interface in action

PS4-logo_whiteOne thing that has been sort of missing from the E3 so far are the videos or hands-on impressions of the PS4 and Xbox One user interfaces. Well, thanks to ArekkzG on YouTube, we get a look at Sony’s PS4 User Interface promo video.

If you can ignore the horrid acting, you can get a glimpse of the streamlined PS4 UI in action. We’re sure it’s still a work in progress and that some of the interactions are mocked up, but at least we can see exactly where they are going and it’s looking quite nice. If you’ve used the new PS Store on the PS3, you can kind of get the idea.

Take a look.

PlayStation 4 – User Interface Overview Promo:
[youtube_sc url=”1OegYm1dM9g” width=”600″]