Shadow Warrior bringing reimagined Wang to PC and next-generation consoles

shadow_warrior_logoAhhhh.. I have fond memories of Shadow Warrior back in the day. 3D Realms followed up Duke Nukem 3D with a samurai sword swinging first person action game that shared quite a lot with Duke Nukem. Witty dialog, interesting level designs, great visuals, solid online competitive and co-op play, and plenty of Wang (Lo Wang in this case)

Well today Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital have announced that Wang is back and is being rebooted for the PC and next-generation consoles.

Check out the first teaser trailer and a selection of screens for now.

Shadow Warrior trailer:
[youtube_sc url=”8m7VZ7LFOtY” width=”600″]

Shadow Warrior screens:

Shadow Warrior is bold reimagining of 3D Realms’ cult classic shooter from developer Flying Wild Hog (Hard Reset) and independent game label Devolver Digital (Serious Sam 3: BFE, Hotline Miami, LUFTRAUSERS) for PC and next-gen consoles. Blending the viciously over-the-top gunplay of its predecessor with the elegant precision of the powerful katana, Shadow Warrior is an imaginative take on the classic arcade-style shooter.

Follow the offbeat tale of Zilla Enterprise’s corporate shogun, Lo Wang, who is ordered by his employer to track down and acquire a legendary blade known as the Nobitsura Kage. Forced into a timeless battle, Lo Wang learns of the blade’s connection to ancient gods from another realm, pushing our world to the brink of destruction. Aided by Hoji, a banished spirit from this mysterious world, Lo Wang must use a masterful combination of gun, blade, magic and wit to discover the truth behind the demonic invasion and banish the encroaching forces back into the darkness.

Shadow Warrior is scheduled for a Fall 2013 release.