Microsoft’s Next-Gen Xbox conference is live! Edit: Xbox One announced

xbox-one-logoThe day is finally upon us, the reveal of the newest Xbox branded console from Microsoft. We’ll keep this post updated throughout the conference with news and announcement info, and we’ll be updating Gaming-Age all day long with press releases, trailers and screens for any and all games announced.

IF you’re able to watch, you can catch the event at the the official site live. Otherwise follow along with us here. Most current updates will be at the top.

So strap yourself in, because here we go!

-And that’s it! Stay tuned for more details related to today’s news here at Gaming-Age throughout the day!

-Solemn trailer setting and theme for Ghosts. Playing up the underdog aspect pretty big here. Again, it does look pretty sharp. Running on console, in-game footage.

-Ghosts certainly looks good. Leaning from cover showcased, sliding, vaulting around cover without breaks. Dynamic maps, A.I. for non-human map inhabitants, like fish.

-One last reveal, Call of Duty: Ghosts. All DLC exclusively launching first on Xbox One. Footage shown off, story revolves around America in bad shape, special ops teams combine to make Voltron. Wait, I mean Ghost Team.

-Xbox One releasing later this year. More to come at E3. Line-up of blockbuster games. So there will be games, you just have to wait!

-And now more sports related material. NFL partnership. Fantasy League talk again. This is a video game console still right?

-Live action Halo T.V. series announced, Steven Spielberg involved.

-Bonnie Ross from 343 Industries takes to stage, Halo talk time.

-15 games from Microsoft in the first year of Xbox One. 8 new IP’s.

-Remedy’s new title being revealed. Quantum Break. Time control focused? Hard to tell! Large ship crashing into bridge, real video with actors displayed setting up footage, young girl and woman, woman asking what makes the girl so special. No idea what to make of this.

-Forza Motorsport 5 shown off, developed by Turn 10. Guess what? Looks hot!

-Phil Spencer on stage now, talking about teams working on Xbox One titles. Nothing specific revealed here.

-Small demo reel of sports titles from EA, certainly looks good. Great animation, faces, certainly looks next-gen.

-Promising better A.I., animation, 3D crowds, better environments and so on. Exclusive Ultimate Team mode for FIFA on Xbox One.

-Andrew Wilson from EA takes the stage, talks of new partnership with Microsoft. Sorry Nintendo! Developing four games currently. FIFA, Madden, NBA Live, and UFC, all launching in the next 12 months. Powered by EA Sports Ignite, new game engine being unveiled.

-New Xbox Live service detailed. Over 300,000 servers dedicated to Xbox Live for Xbox One. Content stored in cloud for movies, music, games, and saves. Dedicated game DVR to capture video and screens, editing tools, saved content uploaded to cloud. Search for multiplayer matches while doing something else, playing another game, watching a movie, etc.

-New controller gutted on screen,precision D-Pad! Smartglass related stuff.

-Promising better voice functionality and Kinect interactivity.

-Unique Xbox One architecture. 3 operating systems in one. Blu-ray drive confirmed. Kinect re-designed.

-I I’m really curious as to how dependent all of this DVR replacing functions are going to be on your cable provider being on board.

-TV Listings accessible, channel switching, all done through voice, recognizes individual channel names like HBO.

-Sports / ESPN related material now. Ability to track fantasy teams showcased. I’m assuming we’ll talk about video games eventually…

-Skype Video Chat support now being shown off.

-Interactive with other devices for control inputs, cell phone interactive with Internet Explorer showcased.

-Hand controls to minimize and enlarge windows. Multiple applications running via Snap Mode.

-Live TV outputted through system, no need for input switching on TV. All voice control being shown of here. U.I. definitely Metro-like, not too unlike current Xbox 360 U.i..

-Kinect and Xbox One combination shown off now. Voice control to turn system on. Picks up on what you were doing when you turned off the console last.

-New system is Xbox One. Console and controller shown. Console is rectangular in shape, disc drive on left center. Very simple, streamlined design, all black. Sort of like a DVR box honestly. Controller doesn’t look too far off from current controller.

-Don Mattrick takes center stage. Unveiling new system as all in one home entertainment system. Name? XBOX ONE.

– Promo hype reel kicking things off, Kojima, Spielberg and more. Relationship between you and your T.V. Definitely all-encompassing entertainment focused.