Book of Unwritten Tales dev Kickstarting Battle Worlds: Kronos

battle worlds kronos 1So we don’t often give a lot of attention to Kickstarter projects, but Battle Worlds: Kronos actually sounds/looks pretty interesting, so I thought I’d shower some attention on it. It’s being developed by the team that brought you the Book of Unwritten Tales, an excellent PC point and click adventure game. Battle Worlds: Kronos is a pretty big departure from that, but the information contained within the Kickstarter, along with some alpha screens and concepts, looks pretty great so far.

Lots of tiers for anyone interested in backing the project, and it’s around the $78,000 mark, shooting for $120,000 by April 28th. While I’m not as familiar with the origin of the game, the press release included below indicates that the project began back in 2007, but failed to find a publisher at the time, despite some positive community feedback. It certainly seems like people are already willing to toss money at the project and quickly, considering it’s only been up on Kickstarter for a couple days.

I’ll be curious to see how this project turns out, assuming it hits the intended goal. The official press release from developer KING Art Games is included below, and check out the Kickstarter page for more info

Book of Unwritten Tales Developer Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Unfinished Fan Favorite

KING Art Games Aims to Return to the Roots of Turn-Based Strategy

 BREMEN, Germany ? March 19, 2013 ? Independent developer KING Art Games today launched a Kickstarter campaign aiming to return to its unfinished turn-based strategy game Battle Worlds: Kronos ? for which fans have been clamoring since community testing took place in 2007.

The German-based KING Art studios made a prototype of Battle Worlds: Kronos six years ago, but even after it gained popularity with the European strategy community, no publisher came forward to back the project. The studio turned to focus on other projects, in particular the award-winning and critically acclaimed Book of Unwritten Tales. After seeing success with the point-and-click adventure, KING Art has returned to Battle Worlds: Kronos, rebuilding the game from the ground up with new technology and graphics while keeping the original idea and gameplay mechanics. Now it needs the support of gamers and strategists around the globe to see their project through to completion.

?We?re really excited at the thought of finally putting all the pieces of this game together, after having to stop development on the game some years ago. The time wasn?t right for a resurrection of classic turn-based strategy, but now we believe the world is ready? said Jan Theysen, Creative Director, KING Art Games. ?All of us here have been huge fans of classic turn-based strategy games like Panzer Commander, Battle Isle and Advanced Wars since they first came out. Our aim is to recreate the tactical thinking, creativity and overall awesomeness of those titles, in a fresh and modern way. With the backing of fans of the genre I know we can deliver.?

Already at an impressive stage in its development, with enormous community support and needing just $120,000 to be completed, Battle Worlds: Kronos is a turn-based strategy game with maps based on the classic hexagonal style. The multiplatform title features rich 3D graphics and boasts two distinct single player campaigns, challenge maps and both live and asynchronous multiplayer modes. Backers can expect to be taking part in an exclusive beta, on the receiving end of a copy of the game and, depending on the size of the pledge, have access to an easy to use map editor.

?This is a chance for fans to prove the publishers wrong,? added Theysen. ?We think there?s a huge market for this sort of experience ? we?re hoping that with the support of the global gaming community we can prove just that and literally kickstart the genre once again.?

Visit the Battle World: Kronos website at and the game?s Facebook page at To access Battle World: Kronos assets including the game?s Kickstarter video, game screens and artwork visit this link.

About KING Art

KING Art is an award-winning independent game developer, best known for their high quality point and click adventures. TheirThe Book of Unwritten Tales is among the highest rated adventure games in the last 15 years. Since 2002 they have also been pioneers in the area of browser gaming. The team of 20 designers and engineers has completed more than 35 game projects to date.