The Last of Us development video series kicks off with the origin of the Infected

The-Last-Of-Us-logoNaughty Dog and Sony are about ready to rev up The Last of Us hype machine leading up to the big June 14th launch.

Earlier today they released the first installment of their development video series for the game and it consists of a few interesting minutes of behind-the-scenes footage of the studio doing what they do best.  We get a better look at the origin of the Infected too.

Take a look.

The Last of Us Development Series – Episode 1: Hush
[youtube_sc url=”-ICRQYIoORg” width=”600″]

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The Last of Us is a genre-defining experience blending survival and action elements to tell a character driven story about a population decimated by a modern plague. 20 years after a pandemic has radically changed known civilization, cities are abandoned and being reclaimed by nature, infected humans run wild and survivors are killing each other for food, weapons; whatever they can get their hands on. Joel, one of the survivors, is hired to smuggle a 14 year-old girl, Ellie, out of an oppressive military quarantine zone, but what starts as a small job soon transforms into a brutal journey across the U.S. Developed by Naughty Dog, creators of the critically acclaimed UNCHARTED franchise, The Last of Us launches on June 14 and is being made exclusively for the PS3 system. Additional information can be found here: