The Final Hours of Tomb Raider concludes with Episode 5, Part 2

And here we are, Tomb Raider is about to launch next week and Zachary Levi helps Square Enix wrap up their wordy video series in part 2 of The Final Hours of Tomb Raider – Episode 5: The End of the Beginning. Make sure to check out Part 1 here.

Take a look at this last, bittersweet episode below.

The Final Hours of Tomb Raider – Episode 5: The End of the Beginning – Part 2
[youtube_sc url=”SLRXCQdBdlo” width=”600″]

This episode marks the bittersweet conclusion to an incredible journey. The team prepares for launch as host Zachary Levi discusses the next steps for Tomb Raider with senior Crystal Dynamics staffers.

Working relentlessly under tight deadlines to tackle quality assurance, integrate multiplayer with sister-studio Eidos Montreal, and fine-tune the single player campaign, engrosses the entire team as they polish off the ?game of their careers.?

While this is the last in our numbered installments, make sure to tune into GTTV/Spike TV on Monday, March 4 at 9:35PM PST (23:35 EST) for a Final Hours launch special: A Story of Survival.

Tomb Raider is scheduled for a March 4th, 2013 release.