Capcom unveils Deep Down (working title) for PS4, new engine

deep_down_logoDuring the second half of Sony’s conference today, third parties took the stage to showcase or detail future plans and tech for use on the PlayStation 4. Capcom had what I would call one of the most impressive showings, with the reveal of a new engine called “Panta Rhei” and a quick glimpse at a new game under the working title Deep Down.

To be honest, it sort of looks like a Dragon’s Dogma style game, with a bit of Dark Souls/Elder Scrolls tossed in. What was shown had a UI overlay and seemed to be from actual gameplay, but we all know that sometimes these earlier reveals need to be taken with a grain of salt. Still, what was shown was definitely impressive, and I’m certainly interested in finding out more about this particular game in the coming months.

Check out Capcom’s full presentation from the conference embedded below, taken from the official Capcom-Unity Youtube page.

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