Microsoft’s IllumiRoom CES tech demo projects games beyond the screen

illumiroomMicrosoft Research showed off a neat looking demo video at the CES which just may find its way into living rooms in one way or another. Utilizing a Kinect and a small projector, the IllumiRoom demo showcased a method of projecting part of a game “outside” of the primary display. Effects such as fire, explosions, laser blasts, and even game scenery, appear to extend beyond the screen.

Can you see this technology being part of the next Xbox console?

Confused? Then check out the video for yourself. Apparently the video was captured exactly as projected, with no special effects or post processing applied.

IllumiRoom CES trailer:
[youtube_sc url=”re1EatGRV0w” width=”600″]

Head on over to the official site for more details on the IllumiRoom.