God of War: Ascension heads to Super Bowl XLVII [Update: commercial now live]

Update: Commercial now live and embedded below

[youtube_sc url=”1aDhfTGkLTg” width=”600″]

SCEA today has announced that it will be airing a new, live action God of War: Ascension commercial during Super Bowl XLVII… though not on TV.  The ad spot will show up during the live online stream of the game via CBSsports.com. Sure, it’s not the same as the big screen version, but Sony is using the commercial as a way to kick off the rest of the campaign leading up to the launch day.

Set to a rendition of Ellie Goulding’s “Hanging On”, it sounds like a dramatic spot worth checking out at least. Those interested in doing so before the Super Bowl can check it out on the official PlayStation YouTube channel this Friday.

Read on for the press release.

Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC (SCEA) today announced plans to debut a live-action Super Bowl commercial for the game, God of War: Ascension, the highly-anticipated PlayStation 3 (PS3) prequel to one of the industry?s bestselling and most highly acclaimed franchises.

The commercial will air during the increasingly popular online stream of the Super Bowl, hosted at CBSsports.com, and serve as a central part of the God of War: Ascension national TV ad campaign. Fans eager to see the spot prior to the Super Bowl can visit the official PlayStation YouTube channel or PlayStation Blog this Friday, February 1st for an early look at the full version of the ad.

Produced by Imaginary Forces and set to a haunting arrangement of Ellie Goulding?s ?Hanging On? (from her recent album Halcyon), the ad represents one of the most ambitious promotions in PlayStation history. Fitting, given that God of War: Ascension?the latest project from Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studio?s (SCE WWS) Santa Monica Studio?is an exploration into the beginnings of Kratos, one of gaming?s most iconic characters.

Before he was a god, he was a man. He swore an oath in blood to the gods, and ended up losing everything he ever loved. This epic live action Super Bowl commercial for God of War: Ascension shows us visions of his beautiful family that will haunt him forever as he seeks revenge against those that took everything from him. The ad offers ample nuance to a character previously only recognized for his rage; its exceptional production value and sweeping visuals complement a stunningly successful humanization of the Kratos persona.

God of War: Ascension, the latest entry in the God of War series, offers fans far more than a poignant reintroduction to a gaming superstar. It delivers epic cinematic storytelling; breathtaking set pieces; and the most refined, satisfying gameplay to grace the series yet. Moreover, players can compete in thrilling multiplayer battles?a God of War first?that combine the fierce combat and scale of the franchise with a unique gameplay experience.

God of War: Ascension launches on March 12, 2013.