Xbox Live Arcade Update – Guilty Gear XX ACORE PLUS

Guilty Gear XX is back, and with a subtitle such as ACORE PLUS, it’s obviously even better than ever. ARC kind of snuck the release in this week, which is a good thing, since it’s the only new XBLA game available today thus far. So if you’re looking for some gorgeous 2D fighting action, complete with network play, here ya go.

Read on for the details and a link to queue up the demo/game.

Guilty Gear XX ACORE PLUS (1200 Microsoft Points)
Network Battle Mode is now available on Xbox LIVE Arcade for the all new “GUILTY GEAR XX ACORE PLUS” from the best-selling 2D fighting game series. It all started from Story Mode, and now there’s a wide variety of Modes to play! Choose from among 25 fighters and engage in high-speed combat!