Nintendo Download Update – LA-MULANA, Retro Pocket, Rising Board 3D

And here we go… another week, another Nintendo Download Update. For those who didn’t download the free Pok?dex 3D app, it’s pretty much your last chance, so stop procrastinating. Other than that, you can get your hands on a THE ?DENPA? MEN: They Came By Wave 3DS demo, LA-MULANA for the Wii, Rising Board 3D and Retro Pocket.

Check out all the details.

Nintendo eShop

  • THE ?DENPA? MEN: They Came By Wave (demo version) ? Mysterious little creatures called ?Denpa? Men float around near radio waves. You can?t see them normally, but you can find them and catch them in this dungeon RPG for Nintendo 3DS. (For Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo 3DS XL)
  • Last Chance to Get Pok?dex 3D ? If you haven?t downloaded Pok?dex 3D to your Nintendo 3DS system yet, time is running out. The free application, which lets you see each Pok?mon in 3D with animated motion and sound, will be available in the Nintendo eShop only until Oct. 1, 2012. (For Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo 3DS XL)


  • LA-MULANA LA-MULANA is the most complete ?archaeology action and exploration? game ever created. Take control of Professor Lemeza and his whip to discover the mysteries of Humanity. (For Wii?)

Nintendo Video

  • Meat or Die: Naomi ? Your favorite dim-witted dinosaurs are back on the search for meat! This time, when Yans is tempted to go vegetarian, Gans snaps him out of it and refocuses their attention on their next big prize: Naomi. (For Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo 3DS XL)

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