I Quit matches, King of The Ring tourneys confirmed for WWE ’13

THQ today revealed a pair of new match types included in WWE ’13 including I Quit matches and King of The Ring tournaments.

Take a look at new screens showing off a few of these matches, and keep reading for detailed descrptions of both.

WWE ’13 – I Quit Match, King of The Ring screens:

As the October 30th release of WWE? 13 draws closer, THQ is excited to announce two new match types being included with this year?s release. Returning to the flagship WWE videogame franchise will be the ability to play ?I Quit? matches and hold ?King Of The Ring? tournaments; both of which often associated with wrestling?s famed ?Attitude Era.?

I Quit Match:

  • The I Quit match is finally making its long awaited return! It’s been approximately 8 years since the match type has been featured in the franchise. The match type has been completely redesigned from top to bottom to provide players with the most authentic representation of the I Quit match ever seen in video game form.
  • In keeping with WWE programming, the I Quit match is a 1-On-1, no holds barred, anything goes affair. Utilize anything and everything within the in-ring environment to force your opponent to say the humiliating words, “I Quit!”
  • When your opponent is in a grounded state, press the B button (360 controls)/pin button to summon the referee to the grounded opponent. The referee will kneel down next to the grounded opponent and place a microphone in front of their face. It’s at this point that the I Quit mini-game is triggered. Stop the moving cursor within the designated target zone before the words “I Quit” fully materialize on screen to inform the referee of your desire to continue the match. If the opponent is unable to complete the mini-game in time, they’ll automatically quit the match wherein they will be declared the loser. If a Superstar is in possession of a stored finisher icon they can use it to automatically win the mini-game and continue the match. However, doing so will result in the loss of that finisher icon. This option should only be used when you’re at your most desperate.
  • When an opponent is in the midst of performing the I Quit mini-game, the attacking Superstar can utilize an Intimidation taunt (by pressing one of the directional buttons on the d-pad) to increase the difficulty of the mini-game. Performing an Intimidation taunt will cause the mini-game meter to shake violently, which in turn makes it that much harder for the defender to complete the mini-game in time. Use of Intimidation results in a loss of momentum for the attacker so think twice before using it. If the attacker doesn’t have a sufficient amount of momentum within their meter the Intimidation taunt can’t be used.
  • The I Quit mini-game can also be triggered by applying a Breaking Point submission hold on an opponent. Just like grounded situations, the referee will position themselves near the trapped defender wherein they’ll position the microphone in front of their face. Complete the mini-game successfully to break out of the submission hold and continue the match. Failure to break out in time will result in a loss.

King of The Ring:

  • Create your very own King of the Ring tournament! Players are able to choose the number of participants (4, 8 or 16) as well as the gender of the participants involved (that right, Divas can also take part in the King of the Ring tournament).
  • Players can also choose the type of match that they’d like for their tournament (Normal, backstage brawl, Hell in a Cell, Iron Man, Ladder, Last Man Standing, Steel Cage, Submission, Table, TLC and Extreme Rules).
  • Participants in the tournament can be chosen by random or selected by the player.
  • Each match in the tournament can be simulated or played.
  • The King of The Ring tournament can be played solo or with a friend for some multiplayer action.
  • A special coronation cut-scene is shown for the winner of the tournament.

WWE ’13 is hitting the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii on October 30th.