Konami finally confirms Trophy patch, “new game version” for Metal Gear Solid 4

Hey, it’s only been 4 years… but today Konami has officially announced that Metal Gear Solid 4 will indeed be getting PSN Trophy support thanks to a patch that’s currently in development. This is to go along with the announcement of a budget-priced “new game version” that will also support Trophies.

Details for this new game version and patch are expected to be released sometime in the near future according to the company.  But for those like myself, who actually held onto MGS4 just in case this day ever came along, you may now celebrate.

Check out Konami’s Twitter confirmation right here. Also, see their Twitter and Facebook “announcements” below.

Via Twitter:

Long-awaited ?#MGS? 4 Trophy patch is in development along with new game version supporting Trophies. More news to come!

Via Facebook:

The long-awaited Trophy patch to Metal Gear Solid 4 is in development! This will coincide with a new budget-priced version of the game with Trophy support. We will continue to update this page as details become available, coming soon.