Final Fantasy VII returns to PC

Square Enix has finally made it official. Final Fantasy VII is being re-released onto the PC with some nice little enhancements.

Is it the console remake that fans have been clamoring for, forever? Not even close.  But hey, at least it’ll look a little better, actually play on modern PC gaming rigs, and have Achievements, a “character booster” feature and cloud saves.

It will only be available to download from the Square Enix Store which probably won’t thrill many PC gamers. A price or exact date is not yet available.

Take a look at the official trailer along with the feature-list below.

[youtube_sc url=”qr4TgU4SKLc” width=”550″]

Final Fantasy VII features:

  • Achievements – Not only can you prove yourself to be an ultimate fan by unlocking 36 challenging achievements, but you can also share your online profile with friends to see who’s the best.
  • Character Booster – This feature gives players who are new to the game, inexperienced or stuck the ability to boost their HP, MP and Gil levels to their maximum, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the story.
  • Cloud Saves – Whether you’re at home, round a friend’s house or halfway around the globe, now you can save and continue your game progress wherever you are, all you need is an internet connection