WWE ’13 to bring passion and attitude back into the ring on October 30th [Update: screens added]

WWE ’12 went over extremely well for THQ last year and they are looking to keep the momentum going with the just announced WWE ’13. The company today blew the doors off of the next iteration of their pro wrestling title and it’s looking to yet again top the previous releases. They are heading back to the Attitude era for the single player career and are looking to provide a more seamless and “passionate” experience for all.

WWE ’13 is scheduled to be released on October 30th for the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii.

Take a look at the first batch of screens.

Read on for the details.

 Last summer, one man revolutionized the current WWE landscape. In a legendary moment at the end of  Monday Night Raw, WWE Superstar CM Punk ? as the voice of the voiceless ? changed everything the world knew about WWE. Through his words and actions, a new leader emerged to set a higher standard, convey a new brand of attitude and ultimately ignite a revolution among the WWE Universe.

It?s not the first time WWE has seen such rebellion. Nearly 15 years ago, the legendary Stone Cold Steve Austin also revolutionized the WWE realm, sparking a new generation of supporters through his relentless, antihero behavior in one of WWE?s most celebrated time periods ever: the ?Attitude Era.? Why did it happen? In his words, ??Cause Stone Cold said so.?

Today, a new crusade is on the horizon, and it doesn?t start with an iconic WWE Superstar on television, online or at a live event.  THQ Inc.  today announced development of WWE ?13, the revolutionary next installment in the WWE flagship videogame franchise. Positioned to offer the most authentic, extensive and fervent experience to date, including the debut of a brand new WWE Live audio and presentation system, as well as a single-player campaign based on the highly influential ?Attitude Era,?  WWE ?13 is currently in development for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system and the Wii system from Nintendo, with a scheduled release date of October 30, 2012 in North America.

?WWE ?13  is certain to ignite our enthusiastic, worldwide fan base and encourage them to live a revolution that simply cannot be ignored,? said Sean Ratcliffe, Vice President, Global Brand Management, THQ. ?WWE Live will bring the impassioned WWE live event experience into the living rooms of consumers, while critical core gameplay improvements and a serious dose of attitude will enable them to experience WWE action like never before.?