Sony gives 3 good reasons to try out PS3/PS Vita Cross-Play features

The fact that you can share PS Vita game saves, data and progress with the PS3 versions of certain games (and vice versa) is a great feature. The ability for PS Vita and PS3 gamers to share content across both versions and even play against each other in the same game is pretty awesome.

So to get PS3 and Vita players to give these Cross-Play features a look, Sony and Capcom have revealed some interestring incentives as outlined below.

  • If you purchase Hustle Kings for PS Vita, you will get Hustle Kings on PS3 for free. If you already own Hustle Kings on PS3, you?ll be able to download the PS Vita version for free.
  • If you purchase WipEout 2048, you will be able to download WipEout 2048?s DLC packs, WipEout HD and HD Fury for free when they launch later this spring (if you already own the PS3 versions).
  • DLC purchased for the PS3 version of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 can be used on the PS Vita version for free (and vice versa).

There’s a bit more information over at the PlayStation Blog, so take a look.