New Syndicate media shows off the DART 6 player augmentation

The new Syndicate reboot is just about here, and EA this morning released a selection of new screens to show off the DART 6 biochip augmentation that is available for players within the game.

It’s like the 5 Hour Energy Drink of the future!

Syndicate DART 6 screens:

Syndicate is set for a February 21st release on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Pre-order it below and get $20 in bonus credit.

DART 6 is your gateway to the ultimate consciousness. Equipped with a combat ready neural interface, you as an Agent can cause weapon malfunction, induce insanity, and persuade hostiles to switch allegiance. Combined with adrenaline transducers for heightened awareness, there is absolutely no reason to go into the workplace without one.

Side effects may include: nausea, disorientation, double vision, brain embolism, impotence, neural disorders, and delamination of the frontal lobe.

EUROCORP has the right to use, without restriction, any or all of the contents of your thoughts, fantasies, and memories, past or future.

WARNING: Do not attempt to upgrade or remove your DART chip, tampering will invalidate your citizenship and may result in brain-damage, mutilation, or DEATH.