MLB 2K12 demo, new gameplay trailer now available

To go along with the demo that is now available on Xbox Live and soon the PSN, 2K Sports has released a new gameplay trailer for MLB 2K12.

The new trailer highlights several features of the game, and shows off Justin Verlander’s in-game pitching skills.

Take a look!
[youtube_sc url=”whgeiYw_IOg” width=”550″]

The MLB 2K12 Gameplay Trailer is 8 minutes of real-time in-game action, providing a detailed look at how the game plays. Check out Justin Verlander, starting pitcher of the Detroit Tigers and cover athlete, approach each at-bat differently thanks to the new tendencies system, where players can hit or pitch themselves into a good or bad game. The trailer also features MLB 2K12?s new throwing system, which gives players more decisions to make in the field. Queuing up throws will result in a smaller sweet spot and higher risk of error, while stopping to set your feet will usually result in a larger sweet spot and more accurate throw.

Additional features you will see in the exciting inning of play are more varied and realistic hits at-bat, from line drives in the gap to slow tappers down the line based on pitch location, speed, swing timing and accuracy. And immediately noticeable is the return of MLB 2K?s stellar 3-man booth, including over 80 hours of new commentary from Gary Thorne, Steve Phillips and John Kruk. For the first time, MLB Today games will feature dynamic commentary that updates as the game unfolds.