Horror-Age! Boogeyman Presents: One Good Scare – 12/20/11

Welcome back horror fans to another installment of One Good Scare.  This week after still feeling light headed after Dexter’s fantastic season finale and Bag of Bones’ snore fest; I look forward to what’s coming to you in the world of horror in video game and other alternate entertainment.  Also I would like to cover two little known horror games you may have missed, one you should try if you are a fan, and the other is a nice surprise and the biggest shocker…they are on the Wii!  Lastly,  I have a little homework for you as I want you, the readers, to vote on what game YOU think deserves to be the best horror game of 2011.  So without further adieu, let’s get this meat train a-rolling!

What’s New?

The only real big news coming from the video game world is from Remedy as they are coming back in early 2012 with Alan Wake’s American Nightmare with even more news that has sprung since the teaser trailer.  As we all know the game will be on XBLA as a full fledged “Twilight Zone” style game based off the “Night Springs” TV show that was in the background of most of the first Alan Wake game.  What’s more, Alan, himself wrote a few of the show’s scripts, so it seems fitting that he must re-live these episodes with himself as the central character.  Remedy has ensured that the game will be a bit more action heavy compared to the first game, which I guess will either sit well with fans, or set them off.  I for one am confident they will not kowtow to the casual market and deliver a fine game in the end. Coming in about roughly 5 hours in length, the game will continue to give their fans more of what they love in Alan’s insane universe.  With this idea comes tons of opportunity for additional storylines that will keeps our guns loaded, our batteries full, and our journey ongoing while we wait for the full fledge sequel.  In this expansion of sorts, expect bigger thrills, tougher enemies, but in the end, if you don’t have light on your side, you might as well close the book.  Lastly, beyond the game’s story mode, an arcade mode called “Fight Till Dawn” has been unveiled which is a horde mode that provides you with some weapons, light, safe zones, and 10 min to survive the end of the light until the break of dawn.  All in all, the game can’t come soon enough for this editor, that’s for sure and all for budget a XBLA price tag!.

In entertainment news American Horror Story shows off its season finale and with all the twists, turns, and plot points just about out of the bag, you have to wonder where they will go from here since they have been signed on for another season.  Fans of the show will know my puzzlement, but if you haven’t witnessed this mind melt of a TV show, you need to whether it will be in re-runs or on DVD/Blu Ray.  A lot has built up this final episode, so much to the fact it will air an extra 30 min longer for a whopping 1 and 1/2 hours.  Color me black with envy and anticipation.  Horror films fans can look forward to Hostel III coming direct to DVD/Blu Ray this Tuesday, but early reviews have been quite positive, especially with no involvement from Eli Roth.  I guess if you are into torture/gore, and insane folk, then give it a look…if you dare.

“What’s Next?”

Today I would like to share a couple of games you may not have ever played, seen, or even heard of in the world of survival horror.  Why? Because they were on the Wii, and no, I’m not talking about Resident Evil.

The first is a game based off a popular horror franchise both in the US and Japan known to us as The Grudge, but the original title is Ju-On.  Titled “Ju-On-The Grudge : The Haunted House Simulator” by XSeed studios,  this is game I can really only suggest to fans of the films, it does lend itself to some good shock scares as well as creepy and dark imagery.  The game’s biggest horror comes in its failing control system that just doesn’t quite work when adapting a flashlight/Wii remote action.  Putting you into various scenarios, the game touts itself as a haunted house simulator, but the end result feels a bit muddy and more of a franchise cash cow.  Even being a fan, I found myself more frustrated than frightened with this title.  C-

Next up is a better showing and much to my surprise a very solid one indeed.  Not only is it one of the best of the genre on the Wii next to Silent Hill and of course the RE titles, but I would be happy to include in on a top 25 of all time list.  The game…”Calling” by Hudson Studios. Here the developers take some innovative ideas with the Wii, especially with the Wii remote.  While the game on the whole is an interactive search and find, using a knock off story line from the J-Horror film One Missed Call, the idea is used with much ingenuity and intelligence.  Using all the horror cliches such as dolls, lights, falling objects, bumps in the dark, moving shadows, creeks, whispers, and more, the developers did a fantastic job taking the obvious scares, but oddly enough drawing you in and scaring you silly.  One of the reasons the game is so effective is the game uses the Wii remote in a way that hasn’t been done enough, using the controller’s internal speaker.  It is here where you will receive phone calls, listen to messages, audio recordings, all that not only will give you clues on where to go, but where NOT to go.  The effect works quite well and really draws the gamer into the psyche that they are part of this horror story.  If you are intrigued, by now you should be able to find it on the cheap under $20, that is if you can find it as it was quite rare.  If you found yourself liking Silent Hill or Fatal Frame, this game is right up your horror alley.  B

“What Now?”

This week I would like you to take a look back at the year in horror video games and choose what you consider to be “The Best Horror Game of 2011”.  Below is a poll, so you know what to do…choose and vote.  If you think another deserves the honor that is not listed, please feel free to choose other and add that game to the list of potentials.  I will reveal the winner chosen by you, as well as my pick and why next week.  Until then as always, everyone is entitled to one good scare.[polldaddy poll=5773711]