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Sound Shapes review for PS Vita, PSN

Sound Shapes is a beautifully crafted, unique platforming experiencing on both the PS3 and PS Vita. It’s combination of excellent soundtracks and level design help to make this a platformer that stands out from the rest.

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Beck out the latest Sound Shape screens, video for PS3, PS Vita

Jonathan Mak’s latest musical PS3 and PS Vita creation is right around the corner. Take a look at some Beck inspired screens while you wait for the demo and game. UPDATE: Video added as well.

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Enjoy these organic new Sound Shapes for PS Vita screens and gameplay footage

Play, Create and Share was so 2011… in 2012, thanks to Sound Shapes for the PS Vita, we’re all about Play, Compose and Share. Check out the latest media and details for the PS Vita musical sidescrolling platformer.

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