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Free-to-play Ridge Racer Driftopia racing to the PS3 and PC this year

Riiidddgeee Racer! It’s about time that Namco Bandai revealed a new game in the fabled arcade racing series, except this we weren’t really expecting.

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Bugbear Entertainment teases destructive new “Next Car Game”

Bugbear Entertainment, best known for the FlatOut series and more recently Ridge Racer Unbounded, has dropped a little teaser trailer for what they are currently referring to as their “Next Car Game”. (creative, right?)

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Ridge Racer: Unbounded review for Xbox 360, PS3

Ridge Racer returns in an unexpected way, and with a whole lot of changes up it’s sleeve. This might not be the Ridge Racer you knew, but that’s not really a bad thing.

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