About Us

There’s a long history behind Gaming Age, and one that needs to be told… one day.  Actually, it’s not all that interesting, but we have been around for quite a while in various forms.

Gaming Age was created more than a decade ago, and was spun off of a site known as Gaming Enthusiast Online way back in the day, say, 1998.  Myself, Sam Kennedy and Greg Sewart started Gaming Age as a way to get involved in the industry we loved.  Both Sam and Greg have gone on to bigger and better video game  industry-related things, and I have, over the years,  kept the site running as a hobby.

Many editors of Gaming Age have also used the site as a stepping stone into the industry, and it’s awesome to see the success they have had.  As for myself, I never had any desire to be a real part of the industry, and have always been quite content with my level of involvement.