Lidia Sobieska gameplay trailer squeaks out of a relatively announcement-free Combo Breaker 2024

Combo Breaker 2024, the midwest’s premier fighting game tournament took place this past Memorial Day Weekend and while these events are usually a vector for fighting games announcement, we didn’t really see that much. Aside from a Samurai Shodown announcement that came at the eve of the event, the only notable reveal this weekend was the gameplay trailer for Lida Sobieska who will be coming to Tekken 8 as the game’s second DLC Character.

The in-universe Prime Minister of Poland who entered her first King of the Iron Fist Tournament in Tekken 7 as part of the game’s fourth season returns to Tekken a lot faster. As the world is embroiled in the conflict between the Mishima Zaibatsu and the G-Corporation, this young diplomat decided to work with the Manji clan in order to quell the conflict. She also reconnects with an old family friend, Eddy Gordo and is shocked that he is a commanding officer in the Tekken Force, the Mishima Zaibatsu’s private army.

Lidia’s fighting style is karate and according to the footage that debuted she primarily relies on feints, blocks and hard counters to devastate her opponents. She carries the hopes and dreams of the Polish people on her shoulders and nothing will deter her from completing her mission. The trailer does end on a light moment, showing what possibly can be a win animation where she glances at her planner hoping to get a desert course at a local restaurant.

As the second DLC character for Tekken 8’s first season she is due for a release in the summer of 2024. So expect her to arrive before the “Super Bowl” of the FGC, EVO. Tekken 8 is available now on PC, the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X|S.

TEKKEN 8 — Lidia Sobieska Gameplay Trailer

TEKKEN 8 — Lidia Sobieska Gameplay Trailer

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