Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties: Definitive Edition now available on consoles

In Limited Run Games’ 5+ years of existence, it managed to capture many “white whales” of gaming and provided gamers a way to purchase plenty of classics (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Shantae, and most recently Ninja 5-0) without breaking the bank. But with this latest “white whale” I had to ask…why?

Thanks to the hard work of the team at LRG (Although I’m sure founder and CEO Josh Fairhurst probably did the heavy lifting), players will be able to experience the title which was smeared mercilessly by Angry Video Game Nerd over a decade ago. The 3DO “classic” has been remastered and stuffed with plenty of extras such as a documentary, interviews and even a commentary track from Jeanne Basone who played Jane in the game. So this will really possibly live up to the claim that it will be “the greatest remaster of the worst game ever made”

LRG also gave the maximum effort treatment in promoting the game, creating a brand new website for the game which exudes “90’s website” and even commissioned the comedy troupe, MEGA64 to produce a video to celebrate the launch of the title!

Whether you’re a hardcore “plumbhead”, or morbidly curious, Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties: Definitive Edition is available now digitally on Switch, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms (PC version will release at a later date). If you’re looking for a tangible copy of the game, unfortunately that ship has sailed as LRG’s allotment has long since sold out, perhaps it might get a mass market version, cause I doubt a Best Buy version is happening

Mega64: Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties:

Mega64: Plumbers Don't Wear Ties

Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties: Definitive Edition screens: