Yoshimitsu gets character development in his Tekken 8 character trailer!

The longer a franchise goes the longer the plot threads become well more convoluted. It seems to be the case for perennial Tekken participant, Yoshimitus, the leader of the Manji Clan. Originally he was just a Robin Hood-ish space ninja who wanted to use the winnings from the tournament to help the poor and eventually he became a man after vengeance when Bryan Fury slaughters his clan after the former rescued the latter.

Tekken 8 further muddles his story with the inclusion of a curse sword to the mix…that’s right Yoshimitsu, the character now wields Yoshimitsu, the cursed sword! This sword’s blight was supposedly caused by…don’t be surprised now, the ancient descendants of the Mishimas! Crazy story additions aside, Yoshimitsu is looking scarier than ever and the trailer even showcases the newly discovered properties of this ninja’s sword. After the blade strikes enemies it begins to pulse with a malignant scarlet energy, some strikes will also cause energy orbs to be absorbed into the blade. Hopefully the game will use this new story beat to tell something interesting, rather than walking the change away in the next iteration. Time will tell I suppose…

Tekken 8 will be available on PC, PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X|S on January 26th, 2024.

TEKKEN 8 — Yoshimitsu Reveal & Gameplay Trailer:

TEKKEN 8 — Yoshimitsu Reveal & Gameplay Trailer