Synth Riders and Walkabout Mini Golf team up for a VR cross-over event & sweepstakes!

Huh, what a nice coincidence. Two of our favorite VR publishers have spontaneously decided to collaborate for a limited time crossover event and sweepstakes just in time for the Holidays and end of 2023!

Kluge Interactive’s Synth Riders will feature a free track based on Mighty Coconut’s Walkabout Mini Golf’s memorable Shangri-La course appropriately titled “Shangri-La La La” from now until only December 31st. The newly remixed track is available on all VR platforms (Quest, PS VR2, Pico, SteamVR), so certainly get Synth Riders updated and give that a go before it’s gone.

But wait, there’s more. The publishers are also teaming up for a sweepstakes to give away an assortment of goodies including a Meta Quest 3 headset, DLC codes for Walkabout and Synth Riders and more. Check that out right here: Oh and Might Coconut also has the Walkabout Mini Golf soundtrack album available to check out as well, here:

For now check out some screens and trailer of the collaboration below.

Walkabout Mini Golf  – Shangri-La La La Synth Riders screens:

Walkabout Mini Golf x Synth Riders: Shangri La La La Track Trailer:

Walkabout Mini Golf x Synthriders: Shangri La La La Track Trailer

Shangri-La La La Gameplay | Walkabout Mini Golf x Synth Riders:

Shangri-La La La Gameplay | Walkabout Mini Golf x Synth Riders

The developers of Walkabout Mini Golf and Synth Riders joined forces to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Shangri-La DLC release with a special treat for all their fans – an exclusive remix of the course’s theme song, now available in Synth Riders on all VR platforms for a limited time.

This unique song is the product of friendship and admiration between the development studios. Chris Reyman, the original score composer for Mighty Coconut’s Walkabout Mini Golf, has created a stunning reimagining of the Shangri-La theme song, inspired by the mesmerizing synthwave aesthetics of Synth Riders. Melon4dinner, a member of the Synth Riders team, carefully crafted a beat map that not only makes players dance but also indulges them with in-game walls shaped like golf-themed objects.

The re-imagining is based on the original score for the Shangri-La course, available on volume 1 of the Walkabout Mini Golf Original Soundtrack album.

Check out the “Shangri-La La La” trailer featuring both games:
Check out the Walkabout Mini Golf album in full here:
And full song playthrough in Synth Riders:

To enhance the celebration of the partnership and the release of the “Shangri-La La La” track, the developers have organized a giveaway competition with exciting prizes. Fans are warmly invited to participate in the event for an opportunity to win valuable items, including a Meta Quest 3 headset, Synth Riders Music Packs, and Walkabout Mini Golf DLC keys.

You can enter the competition at the following link:

“We are very proud to join forces with the developers of Walkabout Mini Golf, one of the all-time-favorite VR games for many Kluge Interactive members. The spirit of collaboration has always been at the heart of our VR game development approach, and we can’t wait for what the future holds for our friendship with Mighty Coconut.”
Pawel Gajda, Marketing Director at Kluge Interactive

The exclusive Walkabout Mini Golf “Shangri-La La La” remix can be played in Synth Riders on Meta Quest, PlayStation VR 2, SteamVR, and Pico until December 31st.