Experience the Final Fantasy VII saga on your phone with Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis

Relive the most popular entry of Final Fantasy (pfft this isn’t VI!) on the go as Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis debuted yesterday on iOS and Android. The title plans on taking players on the journey across the entire timeline of the game, from the prequel entry featuring Zack Fair, Crisis Core to the film Advent Children. Control familiar faces like Cloud, Tifa and Aerith as well as some new faces as we get a deeper look at the entire Final Fantasy VII timeline.

The game’s pre-registration netted over an impressive 1.7 million sign ups and Square Enix is celebrating by distributing a bevy of in-game goods for players who start their journey. Players will net the following items for logging into the game during the launch period.

  • 5-Star Weapon Draw Ticket.
  • The Zweihander weapon.
  • Up to 3,000 Blue Crystals, 30 Draw Tickets, 2 Jumpstart Item Sets, and a Gear Voucher
  • A share of the 7.7 Billion Blue Crystals that will be split across the user base that download the game within the first 3 days of release (with each player guaranteed at least 1500 Blue Crystals).

So while many folks are looking to learn more about the past of series villain Sephiroth, I’m more intrigued at what cute and/or sexy costumes they’ll release for Tifa Jessie and Aerith…my wallet is ready! Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is available now on iOS and Android.

FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS | Countdown to Launch Trailer

FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS | Countdown to Launch Trailer

The Latest Installment in the legendary FINAL FANTASY VII RPG Series. Relive the most memorable moments from FFVII and experience the journey of a young hero Sephiroth. Experience both classic and new stories within the FFVII universe presented in a retro-style look combined with modern, beautifully rendered graphics, that’s easily accessible on the go. Team up your favorite characters and customize each one with iconic gear and weapons to defeat powerful opponents in Solo or Co-op battle mode.