Bumblebee rolls out in a new Transformers: EarthSpark – Expedition trailer

Transformers EarthSpark really turned the Transformers continuity on its head. The war between the Autobots and Decepticons has ended, Megatron reforms and there’s a new breed of transformers that are native to Earth. Outright Games is looking to throw you into this new sandbox as Bumblebee must stop the evil Mandroid from excavating ancient technology to build a super weapon to take over the world.

Travel through 3 locations, encounter your favorite Transformers such as Optimus Prime, Grimlock, Skullcruncher, Nova Storm, Skywarp, the Terrans and of course the Malto Family as you attempt to head off Mandroid and stop his machinations! Each region is an open world with plenty to do and combat that is eerily similar to 2015’s Transformers: Devastation (Tessera Studio revealed to me at San Diego Comic Con that one of the titles the studio studied up on when they got the job was Platinum’s crack at the Transformers and during my play through I could definitely fell it’s influence). So don’t dismiss this as purely a kids game!

Transformers EarthSpark – Expedition will roll out on October 13th on PC Switch, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms!

Transformers EarthSpark – Expedition screens:

Transformers EarthSpark – Expedition | Gameplay Trailer | US | ESRB:

TRANSFORMERS: EARTHSPARK – Expedition | Gameplay Trailer | US | ESRB

With Optimus Prime’s guidance and you at the controls, Bumblebee will become the ultimate Autobot! Be ready to grow strong, speed into battle, and save the world in #TRANSFORMERSEARTHSPARKExpedition 🤖🎮 #TRANSFORMERS Out Oct 13.