Win big money playing Genshin Impact’s Genius Invokation!

You might not remember, but Fortnite originally wasn’t a Battle Royale. Save the World was a tower defense mode until the 1vE mode became the de facto feature. Last December HoYoverse introduced a collectible card game called Genius Invokation in their popular open-world adventure RPG, Genshin Impact and with their latest 3.7 undated released 60 new cards and added 2 new game modes. Is the Singapore based company looking to make the card game the de facto mode of Genshin Impact?

Probably not…however the company is quite invested in it’s digital TCG and announced a series of tournaments that will dole out a prize pool of 270,000 USD. The event series dubbed Astra Carnival: The Prince Cup will run from June to September and feature a series of regional events. Three cross regional exhibition events will also occur in June, August and December. Full details can be found on the tournament’s official site here.

This certainly was an unforeseen announcement and it just goes to show how many different ways Genshin Impact can be enjoyed. Me, I think I’ll stick to the action RPG aspect of the game, lord knows there’s still plenty of content that will keep me occupied, but perhaps one day I’ll find the time to give Genius Invokation an actual try. Until then who says you can’t earn money playing video games? You hear that, Mom?!?!

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, Mobile and the PlayStation platform.