Arc World Tour 2023 anchors Arc System Works’ 35th anniversary!

I?m not going to lie, for a 35 year old company, Arc System Works doesn?t look a day over 18! That said, my official introduction to the company was in 1998 when they released a revolutionary fighting title known as Guilty Gear, it stood apart from its competitors with its intricate character designs and complex fighting system. Many chapters of Guilty Gear has since been released (each with esoteric subtitles), but the company also had such milestones such as introducing another fighting game universe in the form of Blazblue, the acquisition, revival and expansion of the River City I.P. and a slew of amazing licensed fighting titles.

Today a special website was erected to celebrate the company?s momentous milestone. It features a special message from CEO Minoru Kidooka, a timeline of the company?s history and most importantly the announcement of Arc World Tour 2023. Players will vye for 16 spots by competing at various qualifying tournaments to be held during the course of 2023. The only title announced for the tour is Guilty Gear -Strive-. Full details of the qualifying events and the prize breakdown can be found on the official webpage of the tour.

As someone who witnessed the finals that was held in Burbank this past March, I can say the excitement and intensity can match even the most spectacular sporting events. It?ll definitely be worth catching all the qualifying events to see how this tour concludes in 2024. Perhaps I might make it a point to head out to see it in person once again!

ARC WORLD TOUR 2023 Tournament Introduction Trailer:

ARC WORLD TOUR 2023 Tournament Introduction Trailer

ARC WORLD TOUR 2023 is about to begin!
Get ready to rock with our premier title, Guilty Gear -Strive-!

An astounding 12 qualifying tournaments are planned for this year’s World Tour.
But that’s not all! Additional qualifying slots rewarded through tour points and a Last Chance Qualifier tournament will also grant entry to this explosive event!
Only 16 competitors will be able to duke it out in the finals, scheduled for early 2024.

With a total prize pool of $100,000 and a first-place prize of $50,000 up for grabs,
who will battle their way through the competition and claim the coveted title of champion?

Stay tuned!