Yu-Gi-Oh TCG March/April 2023 releases

The 25th Anniversary of Yu-Gi-Oh may have passed on February 4th, but that has not stopped Konami from showing its signature card game some love. It?s spring time and as temperatures start to rise and days get longer, Konami is bringing the heat with 3 epic releases. On March 10th, Maze of Memories hits store shelves. This is followed up by the release of The Speed Duel GX: Duelist of Shadows. Finally on April 21st, The Legendary Collection is back, headlined by the Egyptian God Cards.

Maze Of Memories
The first release of Spring 2023, will be Maze Of Memories. Players will be treated to some of the greatest hits of previous decks, giving players the option to use those cards once more. The set will include: Yugi?s first ritual monster Black Luster Soldier, Legendary Swordsman and the Duel Academy field spell. Maze of Memories also introduces the Paradox Brothers? iconic Gate Guardian, cards that were made famous in the Yu-Gi-Oh anime. Combine Kazejin, Suijin, and Sanga of the Thunder in any order to Special Summon a brand-new Fusion Monster! This set will also contain the opportunity to get one of the most powerful synchro monsters in the game: Baronne De Fleur! The Maze of Memories set contains 67 cards in total. 42 Rares. 15 Super Rares And 10 Ultra Rares. Maze of Memories will to be available on today and will have a MSRP of $4.50 per pack.

Speed Duel GX: Duelist Of Shadows
Our 2nd release of the spring is the Speed Duel GX: Duelist Of Shadows. The set comes with 8 pre-made, ready to play speed decks. Every box comes with 200 Speed Duel cards, a mixed bag of reprints and brand new cards. Speed Duel cards, a mix of powerful reprints and dozens of cards that are entirely new to the format. Each box comes with 8 Secret Rare variant cards as well. You?ll get Secret Rares of Uria, Lord of Searing Flames, Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder, and Raviel, Lord of Phantasms in every box, as well as 5 more random Secret Rares from the complete set of 24. There will be 20 new skill cards featuring characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh GX animated series. This set is easily accessible for old players and new players alike. Speed Duel GX: Duelists of Shadows arrives on March 31! Every Speed Duel Box includes 200 Common Cards, 20 Skill Cards, and 8 (of 24) Secret Rares. MSRP: $29.99 per set.

Legendary Collection
Lastly on April 21st, get ready for a big helping of nostalgia! The fan-favorite Legendary Collection is back with a new name, Legendary Collection: 25th Anniversary Edition. This set is packed with classic cards and retro packs celebrating Yu-Gi-Oh?s 25th anniversary. To celebrate the big anniversary Konami is reprinting 6 original booster packs. The set will contain one: Legend Of Blue Eyes White Dragon, Metal Raiders, Spell Ruler, Pharaoh’s Servant, Dark Crisis and Invasion Of Chaos. You will have a chance to pull any card from the original set in their original form (Will I finally pull that Secret Rare Jinzo from Pharaoh’s Servant?).

Every Legendary Collection: 25th Anniversary Edition comes with 7 promotional Ultra Rare cards. This includes Obelisk the Tormentor, Slifer the Sky Dragon, The Winged Dragon of Ra, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Dark Magician, and Red-Eyes Black Dragon. One promo card in each collector?s set is a Quarter Century Secret Rare. It is a new rarity being introduced for this set.

Legendary Collection: 25th Anniversary Edition hits stores starting April 21. Each Collector?s Set includes 6 booster packs, 6 Ultra Rare cards and 1 Quarter Century Secret Rare. MSRP: $31.99 per set.