The sun rises for Victrix as the company debuts premium products in the Japanese market at EVO Japan 2023

I?ve always complained that we never get the cool stuff the Japanese have?and I never bothered to think of all the cool stuff we have that they never get (I guess if I was a sneakerhead I?d be more attuned to this kind of thing). Well Victrix, a brand owned by PDP is shrinking that gap just a little bit as they debuted 3 products at this year?s EVO Japan.

The Pro BFG, Pro FS and the Pro FS-12 will be available in Japan domestically this Spring and attendees of EVO Japan can get a hands on with these premium controllers at the company?s booth (#15) during the tournament taking place this weekend. The Pro FS and Pro FS-12 are fightsticks featuring the preferred Sanwa Denshi Parts and its body consists of a single sheet of aircraft-grade aluminum. The FS-12 distinguishes itself from the FS with its 12 face button configuration versus the 8 button setup the FS has. Both fight sticks can be used on PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 and will cost ?52,480 (~$393.34 USD) each.

The Pro BFG is a modular controller which allows the end user to swap the face buttons, d-pad, adjust the gates of the analog sticks and the pitch of the shoulder triggers. Primarily built for the PlayStation platform, it can also be used on PC connected via cable and used wirelessly via a receiver dongle. The controller is even compatible with PlayStation 5?s 3D audio, a rare feat for a 3rd party accessory. The controller will cost ?24,480 (~$183.49 USD).